Massive trade proposal surfaces involving Mitch Marner and the Hurricanes

Published May 27, 2023 at 1:19 PM

The Carolina Hurricanes and the Toronto Maple Leafs have both been eliminated from the playoff sooner than they would have liked. Both of these teams are expected to make some possible major chances in their roster before the start of next season. Could they be destined to make trades together?

Massive trade proposal surfaces involving Mitch Marner and the Hurricanes

It's become apparent that both the Leafs and the Hurricanes are having trouble performing after they've reached a certain point in the playoffs. The Leafs are struggling to surmount the second round, while the Hurricanes are stuck at the third. The whispers of shaking up their respective rosters are louder than ever.

An intriguing trade proposition has recently surfaced and let's face it, it would benefit both teams.

The Proposal

Upon first glance, it's quite a mouthful. However, the more one contemplates it, the more it makes sense.

Toronto receives
-Seth Jarvis
-Stephan Noesen
-Brett Pesce
-2023 first round pick

Carolina receives
-Mitch Marner

Yes, the Hurricanes seem to be landing the best asset in the trade, but they're also parting with substantial players to make the deal viable.

Brett Pesce, an elite top 4 defenseman with a keen focus on defense and one remaining year on his contract, is a significant component.

Stefan Noesen, whose excellent net presence and minimal contract have carved out his niche in the Hurricanes' bottom six, adds further value.

But the gems of the deal could be Seth Jarvis and the 30th overall pick. Jarvis, a promising two-way forward who spent the end of the season in the Hurricanes' top line and contributed significantly to penalty killing.

For the pick, we never know, but this year's draft is filled with talent. It could very well end up with a top prospect.

In exchange, the Hurricanes would be welcoming an elite player with a great reputation. The three-time 90+ point scorer and Selke candidate would immediately bolster the Hurricanes' offense and could inject new life into their top six.

Taking Marner into their linmeup would also mean absorbing about $5 million in cap space for the Hurricanes. This financial manoeuvre could open doors for the Leafs, potentially facilitating the re-signing of Michael Bunting or perhaps wooing someone like Tyler Bertuzzi.

What do you think?

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Massive trade proposal surfaces involving Mitch Marner and the Hurricanes

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