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The Detroit Red Wings celebrate after a big goal against the LA Kings.
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Massive Brawl Ensues During Heated Kings-Red Wings Matchup

Published January 5, 2024 at 2:05 PM

The Los Angeles Kings and Detroit Red Wings went to battle on Thursday in what was expected to be a very fun clash, but what we instead saw was the very best of the NHL.

A massive brawl erupts at the end of the second period


Following the conclusion of the second period with the scores tied at 2, it appears as though Adrian Kempe and Moritz Seider came together, and what ensued was a near benches clearing brawl that involved goaltenders as well.

Seider and Kings have a scrum
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Ultimately, things didn't get too crazy, as the referees were able to break things up before anyone was seriously injured, but with one period to play, it raised questions about how wild the rest of the game would get.

Red Wings top the Kings in an shootout thriller

Surprisingly though, the game would cool down as the third period began, and as the teams went to overtime tied at three, we saw a breathtaking extra period that would ultimately lead to a shootout.

Then, Patrick Kane would end the game in dramatic fashion, and given all of the drama and the physicality, it's safe to say that this was arguably one of the best games in the NHL thus far in the 2023-24 season.

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Massive Brawl Ensues During Heated Kings-Red Wings Matchup

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