Major news is coming soon for Jeff Petry.

Published August 4, 2023 at 4:32 PM

While the Penguins are in the thick of the battle to acquire Erik Karlsson, Kyle Dubas is still working to fit the defenseman's enormous salary into his salary structure.

We know that Dubas' plan is to include Jeff Petry in a transaction, but the latter doesn't want to go to San Jose, which complicates matters considerably.

With the signing of Drew O'Connor earlier this week, the Penguins have gained another 48 hours to buy out his contract. Elliotte Friedman has reason to believe that this is the path the Pens will take.

"I'm really curious to see that. They have until Sunday (so it could be announced as early as tomorrow).

Several sources have told me to keep an eye on it." - Friedman

Obviously, getting rid of Petry's $6.25 million contract would be enough to bring Karlsson to Pittsburgh. Plus, with Kristopher Letang and Erik Karlsson, Petry wouldn't really fit in with the team anymore.

Paying a defenseman $6.25 million to be on the 3rd pair would be far too much in the salary cap era.

According to several media outlets, including TVA Sports, we shouldn't be surprised to learn that Petry's contract has been bought out.

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Major news is coming soon for Jeff Petry.

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