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Major: Jeff Petry would only be passing through Montreal

Published August 6, 2023 at 2:51 PM

Montreal was the scene of quite a drama this morning, as Mike Hoffman leaves for San Jose and Jeff Petry returns in a three-way trade with the Penguins and Sharks.

Pittsburgh kept a portion of Petry's salary, leaving 4.69 million of his salary on the Habs' payroll. This will make him much easier to trade, and according to Eric Engels, it will.

"There's a good chance the Canadiens will trade Petry again, if not before the season starts, then before the deadline. I think they're already working on it. (to trade him)"

- Eric Engels

Obviously, it would be very surprising if Petry played even one game with the Habs. In fact, the former No. 26 shouldn't even be landing in the metropolis.

The way things ended between the CH and Petry, the controversy of seeing him back in the lineup would be quite great.

August 6   |   110 answers
Major: Jeff Petry would only be passing through Montreal

Do you think Kent Hughes will be able to trade Jeff Petry before the start of the season?

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