Major: Daniel Brière is worried about Matvei Michkov

Published August 27, 2023 at 2:30 PM

Matvei Michkov is bursting with talent and destined for a bright future, but there are many questions surrounding him. That's why he slipped to 7th place in the draft.

His KHL contract expires in 2026, but that's not what's worrying the Flyers. Rebuilding has barely begun in Philadelphia, and the team won't be competitive for several years.

Speaking to Yanick Bouchard on 98.5, Daniel Brière says that the team has done its homework on Michkov and that they are still satisfied with their selection. However, there is a noteworthy element of concern for the GM, who knows he has taken a risk.

Are we scared? Yes, like everyone else. That's probably why he fell to us at #7.

We hope and trust that one day he'll want to come and play. We know he wants to play in the NHL, but a lot of things have to fall into place." - Daniel Brière

Add to that the fact that the Flyers organization has no control over the youngster's development for the next three years. At present, Michkov is being sidelined by his head coach in the KHL.

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Major: Daniel Brière is worried about Matvei Michkov

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