Mackenzie Weegar Speaks Out on The Firing Of Sutter And Treliving

Published May 9, 2023 at 2:02 PM

The news just never seems to stop piling on for Darryl Sutter and Treliving, despite being fired just a bit ago. For the uninitiated, here's the brief version. The Flames unfortunately missed the playoffs, despite being able to make an impressive comeback regarding their record.

This caused many to start questioning Darryl Sutter and Treliving's methods of coaching leading them to be fired from The Flames. It didn't end there for Sutter tho, with more and more evidence coming out of him being abusive towards his players.

Sure, he was known for being more strict and or old-fashioned than others, but there's a difference between strict and abusive. Many players have already spoken out regarding Daryl Sutter, the latest being MacKenzie Weegar, who was recently featured on the Missin Curfew podcast Monday.

Weegar shared his unfiltered opinions of Sutter and Treliving on the podcast, explaining that he doesn't relish the termination of anyone, but also acknowledging that Sutter and Treliving's termination was a long time coming.

«It's sad to see [Brad Treliving and Sutter] go. You never want to see anybody go. It just means that the season was tough.»

Weegar also shared the disconcerting news that Sutter was especially tough on Mikael Backlund, routinely picking on him specifically.

«[Backlund] would get it pretty good, but he would fight back for sure. He would have a couple of ‘eff you» matches.»

While this entire situation feels like a massive storm of controversy and bad news, all this drama is most definitely leading to better horizons, not only for The Flames, but also in the hockey community.

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Mackenzie Weegar Speaks Out on The Firing Of Sutter And Treliving

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