Logan Cooley's decision: the consequences of the Tempe vote are being felt

Published May 21, 2023 at 9:13

When we discussed this topic earlier this week, the potential severity of the situation was not fully appreciated.

However, recent developments have indicated a much more serious impact on the future of Logan Cooley's career.

Clayton Keller's father has warned that some players may decide not to sign with the Arizona Coyotes due to their failure in Tempe, and it appears that Cooley is one of them.

The young player is in control of his destiny by staying in the NCAA instead of signing with the Coyotes and he recently announced that he would not sign with Arizona at all this year - a first for someone who was selected in the first three rounds of a draft.

Information provided by pro-Coyotes reporter Craig Morgan revealed that the outcome of the Tempe vote played a role in Cooley's decision.

"Logan Cooley said the outcome of the Tempe vote definitely had an impact on his decision. He was leaning toward going pro (and signing with the Coyotes) if the vote had been in favor of the Coyotes."

Had he voted in favor of the complex, Cooley likely would have immediately opted to turn pro and join the Coyotes next season.

This statement underscores how concerned Cooley is about what is happening with his potential team.

Will Cooley eventually be able to become a free agent? Or will he be forced to look elsewhere? It's a question worth keeping an eye on as more details are revealed.

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