Kaiden Guhle's catastrophic injury: here's what we know so far

Published December 30, 2022 at 10:07

It was a very expensive game last night. Not only did the Habs lose by a score of 7-2, but they also possibly lost the services of Kaiden Guhle for a good while.

Let's just say that with the images we saw of his injury, a real catastrophe seems inevitable in his case.

He was playing so well since the beginning of the season, he was really a pillar on defense. Moreover, a knee injury can affect a player's career if it is very serious, which makes the situation even more catastrophic.

It must be said that we had a good scare with Cole Caufield the other day when he was hit hard. However, the players had been quick to say that it was no big deal and that he was going to be okay in the post-game press briefings.

This time, however, it was radio silence.

Not a word from the CH players or head coach Martin St-Louis.

If we review the sequence, we can see that something is wrong, his knee did not bend in the right direction.

We'll have to wait before we have a clearer prognosis of his injury, but in a similar case of knee injury, his absence could last months, and not weeks.

More details will follow.

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Kaiden Guhle's catastrophic injury: here's what we know so far

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