Jon Cooper Reveals How he Took Advantage of Toronto's Medias in Playoffs

Published October 21, 2023 at 2:53 PM

Toronto's media has earned a reputation for its intense focus on the Maple Leafs' every move and misstep.

Recently, Jon Cooper shed light on his strategic use of this media scrutiny in previous playoff series.

Cooper's Strategy Unveiled: Leveraging Toronto Media


Jon Cooper is renowned for his post-game remarks, particularly those concerning officiating or the Leafs during past Lightning-Leafs series. He has now disclosed that these comments were deliberate attempts to convey a message.

"Playoffs is a little bit different. You're playing against a team in a 7-game series and there's been times in my career where if I needed to get something through, I selectively do it through the media. It's definitely happened in the playoffs but not in the season."

Cooper's Revelation Ahead of Saturday Night's Matchup Between Leafs and Bolts in Tampa


It's possible that Cooper is merely playing more psychological games, but it's intriguing that he opted to reveal this strategy ahead of his team's game against Toronto. Could he be planning to engage in more mind games with the media?

Jon Cooper on Jack Campbell: "We've scored seven goals on him the last two games. So if he's going to sit here & have a 3.50 goals-against average in every two-game set we'll take that ... Goal scoring against these guys, that's not a worry to me"

What's even more fascinating is how the media will react if the Lightning and the Leafs cross paths in the playoffs once more. Will they eagerly absorb every word from Cooper, or will they challenge him for the tactics he has now confessed to employing?

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Jon Cooper Reveals How He Took Full Advantage Of Maple Leafs Media During Playoffs
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Jon Cooper Reveals How he Took Advantage of Toronto's Medias in Playoffs

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