Jon Cooper Reveals His True Feelings On Series Loss To Maple Leafs

Tyler Ball
September 21, 2023  (11:36 PM)

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs have a competitive rivalry. They have exchanged playoff series wins over the last couple of years. Now Lightning head coach Jon Cooper is adding fuel to the fire.

Cooper Believes The Wrong Team Won The 2023 Playoff Series Between The Lightning And Maple Leafs

In a new interview, Jon Cooper talked about the exhilarating playoff series between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2023. Of course, the Maple Leafs won this series and broke their first-round curse. Now Jon Cooper has said he thinks the wrong team won.
They outplayed us (in 2022) and we won. We outplayed them last year and they won.

While Cooper does give the Maple Leafs credit for playing better the year before this is still a major shot from the head coach to their playoff rival. Cooper is known for his honest responses in the media and this continues early in 2023. Some NHL fans are getting sick of his antics.
John Cooper always crying wolf after a loss to the Leafs. I knew he was gonna say something like that. What a joke.

Cooper Compliments The Maple Leafs

After taking a shot at the Maple Leafs Cooper changed his tune and complimented the team. He compliments the team for taking steps forward in a difficult market to succeed in.
I know there's a lot of angst in Toronto all the time about the Leafs but Toronto has an exceptional team. They've had some tough playoff breaks. But the team that they've built, the players they have, the staff they have, they're too good not to win in the playoffs.

They took a huge step winning in the first round and they beat a team that beat them the year before and went to the Stanley Cup Final three years in a row. That to me is a step forward.

Jon Cooper on the #leafs: "I think they've grown as a group. I think their stars are stars. ... The #leafs have a hell of a team."

The Lightning and Leafs of course will meet again several times this year. The Maple Leafs might be able to use the comments by Cooper as bulletin board material. The first time these two clubs match up is sure to be electric.
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Jon Cooper Reveals His True Feelings On Series Loss To Maple Leafs

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