Jack Campbell's Comments About His Play Has Fans Confused

Published November 11, 2023 at 12:02

Jack Campbell recently opened up about his play and being sent down to the AHL, and his comments have left fans confused about how he thinks he has been playing.

Campbell Thinks His Play Wasn't Bad It Was Just Bad Numbers

Jack Campbell was recently the first big move from the slow-starting Edmonton Oilers, as they sent him down to the AHL after several bad starts. His 4.5 goals-against average to start the year was one of the worst, and he has now opened up about how he felt about his play to start the year.

Pretty tough, not going to lie," said Campbell about being sent to Bakersfield. I felt like I was playing well, had some confidence, but obviously the numbers weren't good enough.

These comments really don't make much sense. Although the Oilers have struggled all over the ice to start the year, Campbell's performance wasn't one to stand out as being positive. While all players should strive to maintain their confidence, it shouldn't have been a surprise that he was sent down.

Fans Are Confused At Campbell's Statement As They Don't Think He Has Played Well

Fans were left confused and furious at Campbell's comments, saying that his numbers wouldn't be good even if they were in the ECHL. Overall, Oilers fans are having a tough time, and these comments just brought back the worst of their feelings.




What is even more surprising is that Campbell made these comments after letting in 4 goals on 20 shots in his first AHL game, showing that maybe there are some issues he needs to work out personally beyond just the Oilers' general struggles.

Jack Campbell is off to a banger start in the AHL.

3 goals on 11 shots thus far.

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Jack Campbell's Comments About His Play Has Fans Confused

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