Interesting development: John Klingberg in Montreal next year?

Published December 16, 2022 at 12:40

It is no longer a secret today, we learned in recent weeks that the Montreal Canadiens would have made a contract offer to defenseman John Klingberg last summer. The Canadiens wanted to add an offensive back to their defensive squad.

Kent Hughes was close to acquire him, but Klingberg finally accepted the Anaheim Ducks' offer of a season at $7.0M.

Surprising new development.

Despite his decision to turn his back on the Tricolore last summer, the 30-year-old Swede has admitted quite candidly that he is still interested in coming to play in Montreal, starting next year.

While in town with his team to play the CH yesterday, Klingberg gave an interesting interview to journalist Guillaume LeFrançois of La Presse, and he made some interesting revelations.

He confirmed that the Tricolore tried to sign him last summer, and he also said that he would definitely be interested in signing in Montreal during the off-season. Of course, having signed only one year in Anaheim, Klingberg will be a free agent again next July.

"There were a few factors that made me lean toward Anaheim. But I had a lot of interest and would still have interest [with the Habs] if the chance came up again." - John Klingberg

The former Dallas Stars even added that Montreal is one of his favorite cities because of its European feel. He's not the only player from the Old World to mention it.

It's rare to see a player be so clear in his comments, especially towards an opposing team, but we appreciate his frankness.

On the other hand, in my opinion, Klingberg has slowed down tremendously this season. He has only scored 10 points in 24 games so far. Granted, the Ducks aren't a powerhouse, but it's still worrisome for an offensive-minded defenseman to slow down so badly, just before he becomes a free agent, especially since he'll be 31 next year.

Clearly, this will depend greatly on his salary requirements, but if the term and salary are favorable to the Habs, he could still be a great addition to the club's power play.

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Interesting development: John Klingberg in Montreal next year?

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