Insider has just revealed some information about the very strange situation of Kirby Dach

Published February 24, 2023 at 1:34 PM

The Montreal Canadiens released a very strange update yesterday about the health of forward Kirby Dach.

Since February 16th, the number 77 has been absent from the team's games due to a virus, according to information provided by the club.

However, in the update offered yesterday by the organization, we speak this time of an illness that would be related to a lower body injury.

"Forward Kirby Dach will not join the team on the road in Philadelphia. Last week, Dach was diagnosed with an unrelated illness from COVID, which has kept him out of the game since February 16. Medical testing and a thorough evaluation of his condition determined that the illness symptoms experienced were related to a lower body injury." - Montreal Canadiens

Needless to say, this update has raised a flurry of questions about this very strange situation with the Tricolore. Basically, no one understood anything.

Admittedly, the lack of transparency in multiple injury cases makes all cases very complex to follow, but Dach's just reached another level.

In fact, on this subject, the CH's game announcer on the radio, Martin McGuire, told 98.5 Sports about the information he had about Dach. The latter revealed that he had actually crossed paths with him on his way to the Bell Centre earlier this week.

I'll tell our listeners what I know. On Monday, as we leave for the trip to New Jersey, I arrived at the arena at the same time as Kirby Dach. Normally, if Kirby Dach arrives at the same time as me, he is fined because he is late. If Kirby Dach has a virus, he doesn't arrive at the arena to infect everyone before everyone goes on the road. We tell him, "Stay home, buddy! Get yourself a little hot water bottle and some chicken broth and then get well." But he came to the arena. And by the time he came to the arena, it was clear that he would not practice and it was pretty clear that he would not make the trip. Now we were told that he might come to Philadelphia, only to be told that he would not. We are being told that the guy is out of the lineup because of a virus, but in the last two weeks he missed every other practice. When I hear the word virus, I'm not a doctor, but I hear contagion. You don't put that with the gang before you leave for a trip!" - Martin McGuire

Let's just say that this information, which is revealed by someone who is very close to the team, while being outside the organization, makes the case of the 22-year-old forward even more nebulous.

It doesn't help the theory that the team's management is trying to hide information from the media and the fans.

You can hear Martin McGuire's full statement here:

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Insider has just revealed some information about the very strange situation of Kirby Dach

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