Important revelation about Hockey Canada and Logan Mailloux's non-selection

Published December 10, 2022 at 7:53

Earlier this week, we learned the list of players that will be invited to the Hockey Canada selection camp. While many of the selections were unsurprising, given their excellent season to date, many were surprised to learn that defenceman Logan Mailloux was not on the preliminary list.

While opinions differed as to the real reason for Mailloux's absence, whether he was overlooked because of his play on the ice or because of his controversial background, we've just learned that it's much more complex than that.

According to a new article by TSN's Rick Westhead, Hockey Canada has put in place new and more complex measures for selecting the country's representatives.

According to the reporter, the federation now requires players, coaches and staff who are candidates to represent Team Canada at the upcoming World Juniors to fill out selection forms indicating whether they have a criminal record or have ever been threatened with disciplinary action by an organization.

The new measures even go so far as to have Hockey Canada conduct social network searches on the selected members. Delegation members must therefore give their consent in order to conduct these searches.

In light of these new criteria, it is only logical that Mailloux's non-selection has something to do with this. His background, which is already well known, excludes him from the process even before he fills out the forms.

So the selection process is much more rigorous, but there is still a gap in the process, because it doesn't mean that if the player doesn't have a criminal record, that he couldn't commit wrongdoing. The organisation should therefore also invest in prevention, by offering training to players, to prevent other major scandals.

Here are more details on the selection process:

"As part of its action plan, Hockey Canada announced in July an enhanced screening process for all players, coaches and team personnel identified for potential participation in Hockey Canada's high performance programs that goes beyond criminal record checks and references from team officials regarding their on-ice abilities.

Such assessments are part of the determination of the eligibility of these individuals for an invitation to Hockey Canada programs. As part of this process, a request for screening is sent to adult players, team coaches and staff, and parents of minor players. This request also includes a social media analysis. Once completed, all screening materials are reviewed and based on these reviews, decisions are made regarding the appropriateness of roster spots."

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Important revelation about Hockey Canada and Logan Mailloux's non-selection

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