Former NHLer Makes New Accusations Towards Mike Babcock

Julien Trekker
September 13, 2023  (10:26)

Mike Babcock has once again found himself at the center of a major controversy, just months after his return to the NHL.

Babcock vs Bissonnette

Recently, a story reported by Paul Bissonnette on Spittin' Chiclets got widespread attention. According to Bissonnette, Babcock requested to take a look at his player's cellphone pictures.
The Columbus Blue Jackets, Mike Babcock, and the player involved later issued a joint statement, asserting that no boundaries had been breached:
"Columbus Blue Jackets Head Coach Mike Babcock and center Boone Jenner released the following statements regarding comments made earlier today on a hockey podcast.

"While meeting with our players and staff I asked them to share, off their phones, family pictures as part of the process of getting to know them better. There was absolutely nothing more to it than that.

The way this was portrayed on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast was a gross misrepresentation of those meetings and extremely offensive.

These meetings have been very important and beneficial, not only for me but for our players and staff as well, and to have them depicted like this is irresponsible and completely inaccurate." - Mike Babcock

"While meeting with Babs he asked me about my family and where I'm from, my upcoming wedding and hockey-related stuff. He then asked if I had pictures of my family and I was happy to share some with him. He showed me pictures of his family.

"I thought it was a great first meeting and good way for us to start to build a relationship. To have this blown out of proportion is truly disappointing." - Boone Jenner

However, Bissonnette later added:
"Tell Babs to knock off the bullshit. Enough with putting guys on the spot in the coaches room asking them to link their phones up to airplay mode and grilling them. I've had tons of players confirm it. Smarten the fuck up Babs. Shove your statement up his ass."

"If you think the @spittinchiclets podcast rolls out that story without confirming it with a member of the team you need a brain transplant. Bizarre behaviour from a guy that's done it before and gotten canned for stuff exactly like this. This was the text I got to start it all off. First I'd ever heard of it. So I called him and got the story. Carry Babs water I don't give a flying fuck. Believe who you want to believe. The truth will eventually come out. The good news is he won't be invading guys privacy from a position of power anymore. If you can't understand how bizarre that is then we just aren't going to be aligned on this."

While this initially appeared to close the chapter on the matter, recent developments have reignited the controversy.

New Controversy


Several players took the opportunity to criticize Babcock, but alongside these critiques emerged more severe accusations.
Mike Commodore, a former NHL player who briefly played under Babcock in Detroit, made a major accusation.
"Mike Commodore (@mwc22) calls #Jackets head coach Mike Babcock, a "pervert" 😳

Commodore, 43, played 484 games in the NHL from 2000-2012, including 17-games for Detroit, under Mike Babcock in 2011-2012."

If these allegations are true, more stories may surface in the near future, and the coach will be compelled to defend himself.
Babcock maintains that he has undergone personal growth and transformation, but his tarnished reputation may prove challenging to restore.
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As reported on Markerzone - Former NHLer Makes Major Accusation Against Mike Babcock
Former NHLer Makes New Accusations Towards Mike Babcock

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