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Edmonton Oilers Close To Trading Jack Campbell For Eastern Conference Goalie?

Published December 19, 2023 at 9:27

The Edmonton Oilers have been in trade rumors all season long. It makes sense considering the fact that the team has gotten some of the worst goaltending performances in the league this year. Now the team could be looking to make a blockbuster move that would see one of their own goaltenders leaving the organization.

Oilers To Trade Campbell For Merzlikins With Columbus Blue Jackets

One team the Oilers have been linked to this year is the Columbus Blue Jackets. Recently it was reported that the Blue Jackets are willing to listen to offers on basically all their players, so they seem like a natural trade partner for the Oilers in this situation.

Blue Jackets are willing to discuss trades involving "just about anybody," peaking general manager Danny Briere's interest?

-Kent Johnson and Johnny Gaudreau?

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Oilers nation writer Zach Laing believes a trade involving both Merzlikins and Campbell would make sense for both teams.

campbell for merzlikins makes sense for both sides.

The question in this scenario would be how many sweeteners would the Oilers have to give up in order for the Blue Jackets to bite.

Potential Cost Of Trading Campbell For the Edmonton Oilers

Obviously they are not going to trade Merzlikins for Campbell one-for-one. At this point, Jack Campbell has proven that he is not even an AHL caliber goalie. Considering he has three years left on his contract after this one, his value is way in the negatives.

Jack Campbell is 0-3-0 in his last 3 starts with Bakersfield in the AHL with a .819 sv%

So things not going well again.


The question then is, how much would it cost the team to move his contract? If the team was to move him as part of a larger trade, then they would have to pay an additional cost for the player(s) they acquire. In a Campbell for Merzlikins scenario, the Oilers could find themselves giving up multiple draft picks and prospects in order to get the deal done. Whether or not the team is willing to pay that price remains to be seen.

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Edmonton Oilers Close To Trading Jack Campbell For Eastern Conference Goalie?

What would it take for the Blue Jackets to accept Jack Campbell for Elvis Merzlikins?

1st round pick714 %
1st and a 2nd round pick1632 %
Multiple first round picks918 %
Multiple picks and prospects1836 %
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