ESPN Disrespects Brad Marchand With Latest Projection

Published August 30, 2023 at 1:47 PM

ESPN has released a series of predictions for the upcoming season, and the one they made for Brad Marchand has certainly caught people's attention.


ESPN's Prediction

Experts at ESPN anticipate a decline in Marchand's performance next season, projecting that he'll be able to score only 46 points.


Predictions aren't often exactly right, but they can still give a good estimation of what he could do, based on what he has already achieved and what others have done in the same circumstances.

The Decline of the Bruins

Just a year ago, Marchand scored 32 goals and 80 points over 70 games. However, after undergoing hip surgeries and missing the beginning of the previous season, he managed to score 67 points in 73 games during the Bruins' legendary run last year.

ESPN now expects him to score only 46 points.

A series of significant exits from the Bruins' roster could affect Marchand's production. Without Bergeron, and probably being separated from Pastrnak in the lineup, it'll be hard for him to score as many points as last year.

Given that Marchand is 35 years old, ESPN finds it unlikely that he will exceed 50 points. However, fans remain optimistic that he can prove the predictions wrong.

Do you think Marchand can score 50 points next season?

As seen on House of Hockey - Marchand Disrespected by ESPN Projection
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ESPN Disrespects Brad Marchand With Latest Projection

Do you think Marchand will score 50 points next season?

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