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Dreger Makes Shocking Prediction on Nylander's Extension

Published December 24, 2023 at 12:08

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a highly skilled group of forwards, including several players earning a lot of money.

Matthews' New Deal Could Result in Leafs Parting Ways with Nylander


Following Auston Matthews' major contract extension, combined with John Tavares earning $11 million for the next season and Mitch Marner's nearly $11 million salary, the spotlight is on William Nylander and his deal ending after this year.

Nylander has consistently delivered strong performances since his last contract negotiation and has been particularly impressive early in the current season.

He is due for a significant raise, which may make him too expensive for the Maple Leafs to keep.

According to Darren Dreger's report on TSN's "First Take," Nylander, now 27 years old and in his prime, could get a salary near 11 million.

"I mean, it's got to be around 11 million, right? So, it's on an eight year extension, maybe it's eleven. Ah, flat or just under eleven. Iff it's less than eight years, well, then the AAV is probably going to go up a bit.

And it also depends on what Willie is going to be able to accomplish here in the next several weeks. It's hard to imagine that he needs to do more to earn those numbers. Look, I mean, just do the math. We've got analytics, people start crunching his numbers and productivity, and not just the overall goals and assists, of course that matters.

But you know what analytics can do. When you flesh out his numbers, his numbers are up there with the big money guys. No question about that. Whether the Leafs think it's fair or not. I think given the fact that the cap is going up, the game has changed financially.

William Nylander has definitely earned that."

If Dreger's assessment holds true, with Nylander seeking a salary around $11 million per season, he might need to explore free agency.

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Dreger Makes Shocking Prediction on Nylander's Extension

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