Criminologist Reveals the Truth About Matt Petgrave's Arrest for Adam Johnson's Death

Published November 14, 2023 at 6:30 PM

Police Arrest Person Of Interest In Johnson Case

In a development related to the tragic passing of Adam Johnson during a British Hockey League game, an arrest has been made, causing a stir among hockey fans and those following the case.

Man arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after death of Nottingham Panthers ice hockey player Adam Johnson


The arrest comes as a surprise, especially since many viewed the incident as a terrible accident.

The debate over the intent behind the opposing player's actions continues, with a majority considering it an unfortunate mishap.

Criminologist Reveals Truth About Johnson Investigation

Criminologist Victoria Silverwood recently provided insights into the case, discussing the reasons behind the arrest, which may be unexpected for many.

Thread: I'm a criminologist with 16 years experience researching violence in sport, specifically in ice hockey (PhD, 2016). I understand the confusion that a lot of hockey players and fans are experiencing at the moment. I teach modules on sports criminology & on homicide

2. While it is not necessary, it is common practice that a person whose actions lead to an unexpected death may be arrested in order for information to be gathered about an event and potentially for restrictions to be put in place (including residing in the country)

3. while investigations are carried out. As with all unexpected deaths, this matter has been passed to the coroner who will fully investigate the case and pass judgement on evidence.

4/4 This process can take months or even years to fully investigate. Importantly. An arrest does not equal guilt. Even a criminal charge does not equal guilt. We need to let the legal system run its course and avoid speculating on sensationalised

The Outcome of these Revelations

Silverwood's perspective clarifies that an arrest, even in instances where the suspect might not be at fault, can be a necessary part of the investigative process. This helps in determining whether the death was accidental.

While this sheds light on one aspect of the case, further clarity is expected as legal proceedings continue.

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Criminologist Reveals the Truth About Matt Petgrave's Arrest for Adam Johnson's Death

Rest in Peace Adam Johsnon

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