Crazy story about two strong Slovakian prospects possibly involved in criminal charges

Published December 9, 2022 at 1:11 PM

Do the names Adam Sykora and Ondrej Molnar ring a bell? The first one was a 2nd round pick (63rd) of the Rangers in the 2022 draft and the other one is a prospect to watch for the 2023 draft.

These two young players are currently playing for the same team in Slovakia, HK Nitra. They will also represent Slovakia at the next World Junior Championship.

We might hear about them in the next few days, but not for the right reasons, because according to a Slovakian daily newspaper, a crazy story was published that concerns both of them.

According to the translation of the article, the incident happened on December 7 during a ball hockey tournament in a school. The two hopefuls participated in the tournament wearing the colors of Nitra. Their team was playing against Zlatý Moravci. Witnesses of the scene told the Slovak daily that towards the end of the game, a player from Zlatý Moravci "fouled" Sykora and the scrum broke out. One of the players from that team was left bleeding on the ground. The same witness explained that this was the result of a "tackle" by Sykora. The Rangers prospect then grabbed the opposing player by the neck.

The fight escalated and Molnar was involved as well "throwing punches at opposing players." It would be him who would have given the blow fracturing the jaw of the victim.

The player in question was taken to hospital.

Criminal charges?

Obviously, the file was forwarded to the police and an investigation would be underway. Prosecution is also reportedly underway. The local police mentioned that they had opened an investigation for misconduct in a public place causing bodily harm. In Canadian legal terms, this could possibly be translated as assault causing bodily harm.

From the understanding of this whole story, both HK Nitra players would be charged.

From now on, it will be interesting to know what will happen to Sykora and Molnar, who are scheduled to represent Slovakia at the next world championship. A criminal charge could prevent them from reporting to their training. It should be remembered that they were two important members of the Slovak delegation for this event.

Here is the Twitter account that translated the Slovak article:

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Crazy story about two strong Slovakian prospects possibly involved in criminal charges

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