Connor McDavid opens up on his future with the Edmonton Oilers

Published August 24, 2023 at 3:21 PM

The Edmonton Oilers currently have two of the best players in the NHL, and with their lack of playoff success, their futures have certainly been in question for quite some time.

Connor McDavid


After the record-breaking AAV deal for Auston Matthews, Connor McDavid was asked about his future in Edmonton, with his contract coming up in 2026.

I love playing in Edmonton, and I really feel at home there. Lauren also loves being in Edmonton. Many things align for us in Edmonton. We are very comfortable there. However, that being said, it's three years down the road. We need to assess where our lives are at and proceed from there.

I don't say this to raise eyebrows or cause panic. It's just the reality. But I genuinely love playing in Edmonton, and I am fully committed to winning here with this group...

And we're going to see it through.

A big decision

Things could certainly changed over the next three years, whether for good or worse with the Oilers, but right now, it appears McDavid loves playing in the market once dominated by the legendary Wayne Gretzky.

However, one has to question whether or not the lack of playoff success will get to him eventually, and with every team in the NHL potentially lining up to secure his signature, McDavid could be on the way out. Only time will tell.

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Connor McDavid opens up on his future with the Edmonton Oilers

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