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Connor McDavid with his wife at the NHL Awards.
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Connor McDavid Reveals Huge Responsibility for Major Life Event

Published January 31, 2024 at 3:56 PM

The Edmonton Oilers are all in for the Stanley Cup chase behind Connor McDavid, but even with all of that responsibility, his life away from the ice is thriving too.

McDavid's major responsibility for upcoming event

Last year, Connor McDavid made headlines off the ice when he proposed to his partner Lauren Kyle, and now, the two are set to get married in July of this year.

Now, McDavid has done a massive interview with ESPN, and has revealed the huge responsibilities he has for the upcoming event.

Connor McDavid is responsible for getting his guys dressed and down the aisle. That is all. We took care of that this morning. Had a call this morning with the guys that'll be dressing us up. So my job is done. Now I just gotta worry about getting 'em down [the aisle].

Despite having such a huge role in the NHL, it appears as though McDavid will be letting his partner take care of all the important jobs for wedding preparation, but that wasn't all he talked about during the intreview.

The main other topic of focus was former coach Jay Woodcroft, and whether or not their success this season could have ultimately happened with him rather than Kris Knoblauch.

That's a great question. I think that there were a lot of a lot of things that were going on when we had Jay that were ... I wasn't playing very well. So when his best player's not playing very well, you're gonna struggle. Our goaltending wasn't great. The penalty kill was struggling.

It's too bad that Woody lost his job because we all really did care for him. He's a great person and a great coach. He'll land on his feet somewhere for sure in the NHL.
With all that being said, I think Kris [Knoblauch] has come in and done an amazing job.

The interview is up on ESPN and is a fantastic read for hockey fans, so check it out as McDavid goes into some interesting topics and opens up quite a bit.

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Connor McDavid Reveals Huge Responsibility for Major Life Event

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