Connor Bedard Lottery: Canadiens Fans Get a Solid Christmas Gift in Advance

Published December 25, 2022 at 10:41

If there's any good news among the Habs' tough performances, it's the fact that they're getting closer and closer to the bottom of the overall standings, which means the club is improving its chances in the lottery next draft.

The CH have the 8th and 9th best lottery pick for Connor Bedard. This means that Kent Hughes currently has a 6% chance of getting the first pick with his own selection, and a 5% chance with the one coming from the Panthers.

If we combine the two, it means that the CH currently has an 11% chance of getting Bedard. With the two first round picks, Hughes has the 4th best odds, behind Chicago (18.5%), Anaheim (13.5%) and Columbus (11.5%).


If the trend continues, it is even more plausible that the Habs will improve their probabilities even more, as the club has the 2nd toughest remaining schedule in the NHL, while the Panthers have the 5th toughest schedule, according to


In those same ranking, it's interesting to note that Anaheim (21st), Chicago (22nd) and Arizona (29th) are all bottom clubs, all of which have much more favorable schedules to finish the season. So this means they could all potentially pick up points to catch the Tricolor.

If you're like me, who is desperate for the CH to get the best possible selection, ideally to be able to miraculously add a Connor Bedard to the roster, in order to accelerate the rebuilding of the team and to finally have a future Stanley Cup contender lineup, we got an early Christmas present with the results of the previous games.

Let's hope now that the trend will improve our chances even more, or at least that the situation will remain as it is.

Merry Christmas folks!
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Connor Bedard Lottery: Canadiens Fans Get a Solid Christmas Gift in Advance

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