Capitals Could Consider Moving Their Former NHL All-Star at the Deadline

Published October 17, 2023 at 8:02 PM

The Capitals are nearing the end of an era, and this means they could be considering moving on from this NHL All-Star at the deadline this year.

Capitals Could Be Considering a Trade Involving T.J. Oshie

The Capitals are in an interesting position this year. After missing the playoffs last year, their hopes of making one final Cup run in Alex Ovechkin's career seem to be dwindling. Depending on their position in the standings at the deadline this year, they could be considering making some serious moves in an attempt to bolster their future.

One of these moves could be trading veteran T.J. Oshie, as reported by former NHLer Colby Cohen.

There's a distinct possibility that a contender could show interest in TJ Oshie at the deadline.


Would a trade for Oshie Be Worth it?

Oshie is a former NHL-All star, with a Stanley Cup pedigree and a resume that could very well land him in the Hockey Hall of Fame. However, his production has dropped off in the latter half of his career. Last season he scored 19 goals and 16 assists, albeit in just 58 games.


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What's most interesting about a potential trade is Oshie's cap hit. At just $5.75 million, a team could be acquiring a reliable 20-goal scorer who also provides playoff leadership experience. This would be enticing for any contender near the deadline.

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Capitals Could Consider Moving Their Former NHL All-Star at the Deadline

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