Nikita Zadorov, defenseman for the Vancouver Canucks, laying a hit on Harkins of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
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Canucks Reportedly Shopping Newest Acquisition Ahead of Trade Deadline

Published January 30, 2024 at 2:34 PM

The Vancouver Canucks are figuring out what moves they need to make to make a run this year, and a new report has this recent acquisition on the trade block already.

Zadorov Reportedly Being Considered For Trade Ahead of the Deadline

There is no question that the Vancouver Canucks are looking to take advantage of the stellar season they are having and gear up for the post-season. To do so, though, they may be looking at making additions at the deadline, which could mean parting ways with some of their assets.

In a surprising report, Don Taylor has speculated that the Canucks could be looking at moving recent acquisition Nikita Zadorov. Taylor suggests that the fit hasn't been right between Zadorov and the Canucks since his arrival.

"You're starting to hear the odd thing, I'm wonder how happy they are with him and I don't mean just on the ice. I'm wondering how he's meshing in that room...I'm not so sure there's a mesh there right now"

This would be a shocking move, as Zadorov was a hot item when Vancouver went out to get him earlier this season.

Zadorov Staying in Vancouver Wouldn't Hurt the Canucks

One of the worries that Canucks fans have with a potential bad fit in Zadorov is that he will walk away after this season, being a free agent. However, he is playing pretty well, all things considered, with over 17 minutes in average ice time a night and a plus-6 rating. The Canucks didn't have to give up much to get him, so letting him walk after potentially pushing into the post-season on a run wouldn't be the worst.

Highly unlikely the #Canucks trade Zadorov unless they find a home run deal that makes them better. They acquired him for his size and snarl in a playoff run.

If he's not a fit inside the room, you simply let him walk, which is fine. Didn't surrender big assets to acquire him.

We will see what the Canucks do end up opting for as the trade deadline will approach quickly once the all-star break is over.

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Canucks Reportedly Shopping Newest Acquisition Ahead of Trade Deadline

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