Brind'Amour Denies his Team got Swept by the Panthers

Published May 25, 2023 at 10:46

Brind'Amour Denies his Team got Swept by the Panthers

The Eastern Conference Final was a nail-biter. Every game of the serie ended with only a one-goal differential and every night, it seemed that victory could've gone one way or the other.

Both teams gave all they had to give. But the Panthers managed to win every night. The phenomenal play of Bobrovsky coupled with the deadly duo, Barkov and Tkachuk, gave them the edge they needed to win.

The taste of defeat was particularly sour for the Hurricanes. Despite their effort, they couldn't beat Florida.

Brind'Amour's Unusual Post-Game Comments

Rob Brind'Amour said some stuff that made many fans raise their eyebrows.

"That's the unfortunate part of this, (people are) going to look back and everyone's going to say you got swept. That's not what happened. I watched the game. I'm there. I'm cutting the game. We're in the game... it could have been four games the other way."

Given how the games were disputed, it's easy to see where Brind'Amour is coming from. Losing isn't easy, especially when the victory seems just within grasp. His response, however, exemplified commendable sportsmanship and resilience.

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Brind'Amour Denies his Team got Swept by the Panthers

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