Brian Burke Makes Shocking Threat to NHL and Gary Bettman

Published August 7, 2023 at 9:48 PM

Fighting is the hottest topic in the NHL with regard to rule changes. The debate tends to polarize old-school fans that praise the toughness of the sport against new fans of this era of hockey, a much faster and more skilled game.

Fighting Gone?

As the game has gotten more skilled, it has naturally evolved to having fewer fights per game. With each lineup spot being vital to the success of the team, fewer teams are dressing the traditional "enforcers" whose role is only to fight.

Now, fights tend to only occur as a way to hold players accountable, and when emotions boil over during an intense game. But, even with this evolution, some people want more and are calling for its removal entirely.

Not if Brian Burke Has Anything to Say

Brian Burke recently made himself clear on his stance on fighting in the league and went as far as making the following threat to anyone who would get rid of it.

"I will personally fight anyone who tries to get rid of fighting. I'll kick their ass."

Burke is known for having an old-school attitude and has become famous for speaking candidly on national television. His opinion on the matter makes sense, as he cherishes the tough hockey of the past.

Only time, and the players, will truly decide if fighting will be removed from the game.

As read on Daily Hockey Dose - "Brian Burke Sends A Threat To Gary Bettman And The League"
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Brian Burke Makes Shocking Threat to NHL and Gary Bettman

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