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Blackhawks GM Opens Up on Corey Perry's Contract Termination

Published December 27, 2023 at 12:12

As you may recall, the Blackhawks decided to terminate Corey Perry's contract a few weeks ago after he got drunk at a team event.

The Hawks' GM, Kyle Davidson, opened up for the first time about what happened in a recent interview

Davidson Talks About Perry's Contract Termination in Interview


The general manager provided comments on the Corey Perry situation for the first time since terminating the player's contract.

"(On the Corey Perry incident) We handled it and we got through it, but I'm happy it's in the past."

Unfortunately for Davidson, it may not be entirely in the past. The NHLPA could still appeal the decision over the next few weeks,

The Challenges of Being an NHL GM


Later in the interview, Davidson spoke out about the challenged associated with being a GM in the NHL.

It's a lot harder than it looks, as we can understand from Davidson's comments:

"These jobs aren't easy. You're responsible for so many people. Whether it's that (Perry) event or something very different with Kevin (Korchinski, whose father died) and his family, you feel everything because you care about your players and your staff, and you care about their families."

"When something happens and it's positive, you feel that in a great way. When it's negative, you feel that in a really negative way. You carry a lot of the ups and downs of the group in your everyday job."

Managers rarely open up like that to the press. His transparency will surely be appreciated by hockey fans around the League.

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Blackhawks GM Opens Up on Corey Perry's Contract Termination

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