Arber Xhekaj with a very important role with the Canadiens?

Published January 24, 2023 at 9:38

For the Canadiens, as well as for other teams, Arber Xhekaj is gaining more respect. So much so that several players from other teams have praised the career and work of the young man.

"He's a big guy who's not afraid to play physically and has shown he's not afraid of anyone."

- Michael Bunting

"I have tremendous respect for what he has accomplished."

- Wayne Simmonds

Through his courage and perseverance, No. 72 is increasingly becoming a role model in the locker room. When he speaks, the players listen. After all, he's the team's Sheriff and he takes care of everyone.

That's where the question arises: Could Arber Xhekaj get an A on his jersey and help Nick Suzuki with leadership?

With David Savard and Michael Matheson in the lineup, there isn't much room for Xhekaj, but the letter doesn't make the man. The defenseman is a real leader in this room and sooner or later he will have a key role to play as an assistant to the captain.

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Arber Xhekaj with a very important role with the Canadiens?

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