Angela Price publishes a photo of Carey and fans are furious

Published January 22, 2023 at 12:51

What could be more normal than a beautiful day with the family, accompanied by a nice souvenir photo? This is exactly what Angela Price did when she published this photo on social networks. A moment of happiness with her family.

The only problem, the family was on the slopes to ski and snowboard. It didn't take much for fans to send some harsh DM's to Angela and Carey, saying that if he can be on the slopes, he shouldn't be hurt that much...


Pretty ordinary comments, which forced Angela to explain herself and shut them up.

"For all those many private messages received, no, Carey can't ski. Pray he can join us on the slopes one day." - Angela Price


Let's get this straight, Carey is injured and it's not just impacting the Montreal Canadiens, but his entire life. He worked very hard to try to make a comeback at the end of the last campaign and we owe it to him to salute his courage instead of criticizing him at every opportunity.

January 22   |   128 answers
Angela Price publishes a photo of Carey and fans are furious

Will Carey come back to play in the NHL?

Yes2318 %
No10582 %
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