Amazing revelation from an informant about the interest in one of the Canadiens players

Published February 1, 2023 at 2:49 PM

The trade deadline is fast approaching, as teams now have just one month to prepare their final trades of the season.

The NHL will be on hiatus starting tomorrow for the All-Star Game weekend, but things continue to happen behind the scenes.

And now that the first big domino in the trade market has fallen, it's likely to get the ball rolling for teams looking to buy or sell between now and March 3.

Several names on the Habs roster could change teams, as Kent Hughes will certainly want to move some veterans to free up his team's payroll.

Among the players that the CH DG would like to trade, there is certainly Mike Hoffman, who still has another season left on his $4.5M deal.

To everyone's surprise, while we thought that his contract was possibly going to die in the Tricolore organization, we just learned a very good one about it.

According to what Darren Dreger said this morning to TSN 690, it's not impossible to believe that Hoffman could generate interest by March 3.

The tipster says that if he continues to play like this, he could generate interest. Why would you say?

Because playoff teams always want to add depth to their roster. His ability to generate shots on goal and play on the power play may appeal to a more defensive minded team.

Obviously, the next ten games to be played in February by the Habs will possibly dictate the interest on Hoffman in the trade market.

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Amazing revelation from an informant about the interest in one of the Canadiens players

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