A surprising trade offer has been made between the CH and the Sabres and goalie Devon Levi is involved

Published February 16, 2023 at 9:07

With the NHL trade deadline just over two weeks away, the rumors are heating up and many observers are raising proposed trade offers.

In the last few hours, it was the turn of the popular Matt Drake to get involved and he made an interesting proposal.

The Montreal Canadiens are in serious need of a future goaltender and knowing that the Buffalo Sabres are in the midst of a playoff race, team GM Kevyn Adams is looking to add experience, toughness, leadership and defensive depth to the blue line.

Joel Edmundson's name has been put forward as he can check all his boxes.

If before his injury, according to many analysts, the asking price was a 1st round pick in 2023, his recent injury has thwarted those plans.

However, the Sabres have something that the CH may be interested in as much as a first round pick.

"I think the Sabres really need Joel Edmundson and they don't need Devon Levi, I'm just saying." - Matt Drake

It must be said that while the Tricolore has a weak pool of promising goaltenders, it's quite the opposite with the Sabres, who even have a surplus of them, with the likes of Eric Comrie, Ukko Pekka-Luukkonen, Devon Levi and Erik Portillo.

Levi's name has already been linked to the Montreal Canadiens. We're talking about a promising young goalie that Kent Hughes knows very well, as he plays with his son for Northeastern University, among others.

Here is what the trade would look like:

IN MONTREAL - Devon Levi

AT BUFFALO - Joel Edmundson

In my humble opinion, even if the CH's #44 were to solidify the Sabres' lineup for a number of reasons, I have serious doubts that it would be enough to land Levi in Montreal, especially considering Edmundson's injury history.

On the other hand, it's not impossible to see a trade between the two teams like this, but I think Hughes will have to add something on his side to succeed in getting a goalie of Levi's caliber from Buffalo, even if the organization already has several good goalies in its pool.

What do you think? Who says no? What would you add?

The 21 year old Quebec hitter is currently maintaining a .930 efficiency rate with four shutouts in the NCAA. His numbers are truly impressive.


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A surprising trade offer has been made between the CH and the Sabres and goalie Devon Levi is involved


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