A major transaction proposal between Alexis Lafrenière and Montreal has everybody debating

Published December 28, 2022 at 6:50 PM

Alexis Lafrenière's situation with the New York Rangers is the subject of much discussion these days.

The 21-year-old Quebecer seems to have reached the bottom of the barrel with the team that selected him at the very first pick of the 2020 draft, as he was relegated to the fourth line today.

The Rangers' plan seems less and less clear with their promising young player. There are beginning to be hints of a divorce that could come sooner rather than later between the two sides, as the Blueshirts No. 13 simply can't make the cut with his team in his third NHL season.

In connection with this very surprising situation coming from New York, the popular analyst Brian Wilde has raised a transaction proposal that leaves no one indifferent and that is particularly talked about.

Let's just say that his idea makes us think a lot about what would be best for the future of the Habs.

Here is his proposal:

"Would you make Lafreniere for the Canadiens' first-round pick, which is Florida's (meaning the Rangers could potentially win the lottery)?" - Brian Wilde

Out of nearly 2,000 votes, almost 75% of respondents prefer to keep the Panthers' first round pick over a potential acquisition of Lafreniere.

I have to admit that I'm part of the 75% as well, as I strongly believe that the Florida pick could yield a top-10 selection, maybe even the first overall pick with a little luck, while the team's current overall position gives the Habs an additional 5% chance of getting their hands on Connor Bedard.

I think Laffy is a good hockey player and will eventually establish himself in the NHL, but I doubt the Montreal environment and pressure will be beneficial for him to reach his full potential in a Tricolore uniform. I would like to stay away from a Jonathan Drouin 2.0 trade.

I must add that his 17 points, including only five goals in 36 games this season, while many were anticipating an explosion of his production this year, makes me think that Montreal would be a profitable destination to bring him to life.

And you, would you make the transaction to acquire Alexis Lafreniere?

December 28   |   126 answers
A major transaction proposal between Alexis Lafrenière and Montreal has everybody debating

Would you do Lafreniere for the Canadiens' first round pick, which is Florida (meaning the Rangers could win the lottery)?

Yes2822.2 %
No9877.8 %
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