A long-term contract for Arber Xhekaj?

Published January 3, 2023 at 9:23

Arber Xhekaj has continued to impress since he made his debut in the National League. The rookie defenseman is already at 12 points in 37 games and is being compared more and more to Sheldon Souray.

Kent Hughes will have to do something about it, because the value of number 72 is increasing with each game and it's becoming a real feast for his agent. In fact, former club video content creator Marc Dumont thinks that extending Xhekaj should be a priority.

Xhekaj's current contract will end in the summer of 2024, so at the end of next season. Kent Hughes will have to do what it takes to keep his sturdy defenseman on the roster, and a long-term deal could be in the works.

After all, a player of Wifi's caliber isn't something you can find on the street and the Tricolore was lucky enough to get him for free. Now it's time to get out the checkbook.

January 3   |   61 answers
A long-term contract for Arber Xhekaj?

If you were Kent Hughes, how many years would you extend Xhekaj's contract?

2 years711.5 %
3 years1524.6 %
4 years3963.9 %
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