A huge trade proposal between the Habs and Senators for Jonathan Drouin is proposed and it's causing a stir!

Published January 2, 2023 at 2:41 PM

As we reported recently, reporter Kevin Weekes has revealed a major piece of information about the Ottawa Senators.

According to the former NHL goaltender's sources, Sens GM Pierre Dorion is actively trying to trade their right-handed defenseman Nikita Zaitsev. They would even be willing to add a high draft pick or a top prospect to facilitate a trade.

"** Keep an eye on **
I'm told that the Ottawa Senators are actively looking to trade their defenseman Nikita Zaitsev. They have authorized his representatives to speak with other clubs. I understand the Senators are willing to trade a high draft pick or prospect to facilitate a trade." - Kevin Weekes

Of course, after learning this major piece of information from the trade market, the excellent Dan Kramer has come up with a concrete trade proposal, which leaves no one indifferent. Here is his suggestion that is currently causing a stir on social networks.

"I'll play - Jonathan Drouin for Zaitsev and the Sens' 2nd 2023."

How do you like his proposal?

The 31-year-old Zaitsev has just three points in 19 games this season, following 11 points in 62 games last season and 36 points in 82 games in his rookie season.

His skill level is declining quite severely, to the point where he's barely playing for the Sens. The big problem for the organization is that he makes $4.5 million a year through 2024.

So Dorion wants to get rid of that hefty contract at all costs, in order to make room in his payroll for some big contract extensions that are coming up this summer.

Basically, Dan Kramer suggests to the Habs this trade:

TO MONTREAL - Nikita Zaitsev and the Sens' 2023 2nd round pick.

IN OTTAWA - Jonathan Drouin.

While the Sens' pick will possibly be a top-15 second-round selection in 2023, I can't see Kent Hughes agreeing to a trade to absorb such a bad contract, if the trade doesn't include a first-round pick.

After all, there aren't many teams in the league that have the cap space to accommodate Zaitsev's bad contract, and given his poor performance this season, I doubt any team would dare take a chance on the veteran thinking he's still a regular NHL player.

It's still a very interesting trade to go through, but unless I get a first round pick, I wouldn't risk absorbing a bad contract, especially from a team in my own division.

What do you think?

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A huge trade proposal between the Habs and Senators for Jonathan Drouin is proposed and it's causing a stir!

Would you do the deal proposed by Dan Kramer sending Jonathan Drouin to the Senators for Nikita Zaitsev + 2nd round 2023?

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