A big rumor is circulating about the Canadiens: Luc Gélinas has just provided the answer

Published December 23, 2022 at 12:20

The last few days have been rocky for the players of the Montreal Canadiens, as the team has had to deal with several twists and turns.

They have had two flights delayed, one due to a major snowstorm after the game against the Avalanche, and the other due to a mechanical failure.

In between these complications with the Tricolore's schedule, we learned that the team and club personnel could potentially be forced to spend Christmas away from their families.

"Discussions are currently taking place with the NHL, as the CH is concerned that they will not be able to return to Montreal on the night of the 23rd to the 24th to come back and celebrate Christmas with their families.

The collective bargaining agreement requires NHL clubs to give players three days off at Christmas, unless Dec. 26 is a Saturday, that's two days

It also explains why the CH is concerned about the weather in Montreal and the club will not compromise safety." - Luc Gélinas

Many fans have been massively critical of NHL officials because the Canadiens are always on the road during the holidays.

In an effort to offer more answers to fans, journalist Luc Gélinas has learned a very interesting detail.

"Actually, you're talking nonsense. It's the CanadiensMTL who are asking to play abroad during the holiday season.

The CH group makes huge profits while the club is away by playing shows every day (sometimes 3 shows a day)." - Luc Gélinas

That explains a lot! So, in the end, this holiday trip comes from a requirement of the Tricolore, not the NHL, contrary to some rumors that are circulating.

Of course, in any case, we strongly hope that the players will be able to spend Christmas with their families this year, and that the team will not face any other problems after their game against the Stars tonight.

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A big rumor is circulating about the Canadiens: Luc Gélinas has just provided the answer

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