Spencer Carbery puts Alex Ovechkin on blast after loss to Rangers

Graham Montgomery
April 24, 2024  (9:05)

Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin skating with the puck behind his own net
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The Washington Capitals have dug themselves a big hole going down 2-0 to the New York Rangers after tonight's loss. Head coach Spencer Carbery called out Alex Ovechkin with a shocking statement after the game two loss.

Carbery did not put the loss entirely on Ovechkin, but he did not that the great eight has not been himself in these playoffs. According to the coach, he just isn't quite right. Possibly, the veteran winger could be dealing with a minor injury or two, but to be perfectly fair, he is also one of the older players in the entire league.
#Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin's postseason play is getting commented on by head coach Spencer Carbery..

NHL insider Greg Wyshynski revealed that he has never heard any Capitals coach call out Ovechkin by name the way Carbery did after the game two loss. Perhaps thwecoach is trying to get something out of Ovi, a deeper passion to put up a prime performance in game three.
I'm not sure I've ever heard Alex Ovechkin basically called out by a Capitals coach like I just heard from Spencer Carbury tonight.

Fans are not buying it though. They can see that Ovechkin simply is not the player he used to be.
he's 38 let him break the record in peace man

One fan even joked that he is saving all his goals for the regular season as playoff tallies won't get him any closer to breaking Wayne Gretzky's record.
He's saving himself for the regular season. Playoff goals don't count towards the record lol

This may very well be the last trip to the playoffs Ovechkin makes in his career. If that is the case, one would hope that he can pull off a miracle or two in the upcoming games to get the Capitals back in the series. Otherwise, it will be back to Gretzky watch next season for Caps fans.
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Spencer Carbery puts Alex Ovechkin on blast after loss to Rangers

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