Kelly Hrudey torches Mitch Marner after terrible performance in Game 4

Dawson McKenzie
April 28, 2024  (10:21)

Mitch Marner crashes the net for the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Boston Bruins.
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After the Leafs dropped another uninspired game to the Boston Bruins, Kelly Rhudey and the Sportsnet Panel went off on Mitch Marner's performance and lack of production.

The Leafs are on the precipice of repeating their age-old pattern of losing in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. While they had some brief success last year, beating Tampa Bay in the first round, they have failed to have any meaningful playoff improvements in nearly two decades. However, on paper, the Leafs should be improving, especially with the talent they have up front. However, stars like Mitch Marner have failed to step up when the bright lights are shining their brightest.
Now, Kelly Rhudey and the Sportsnet Panel have taken Mitch Marner over the coals in their recent intermission. Here is what he had to say.
"In Game 3 I tried to defend Mitch Marner," began Hrudey during the second intermission. "I said I thought I saw a lot more signs of a guy putting in an effort and trying to create something well I can't defend him tonight. He's just not very good and he's not trying as hard as he needs to."

"There's a play at the side of the net and he's taken down ever so slightly, a tiny little slash, and then he's looking at the ref," said Hrudey with disgust. "Just get up and play, don't feel sorry for yourself."

Rhudey didn't stop there. He also mentioned the instance on the bench when Marner, Matthews, and William Nylander all got into a spat which led to Marner throwing his gloves down in a fit.
"Matthews is fed up so he looks over at Marner... but then do something about it... and now Marner come on throwing your gloves means nothing," said Hrudey throwing his hands up. "When you're 8 or 9 years old you do that because you don't know any better, but not when you're in this position."

Despite the ridicule, Marner was able to get his first goal of the post-season in the third period, however, that wasn't likely enough to clear him of his wrongdoings and lack of energy throughout the game.
The Leafs will look to turn it around in what could be their final game of the year in Boston on Tuesday night.
As seen on Hockey Feed - Kelly Hrudey goes nuclear on Mitch Marner during Game 4.
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Kelly Hrudey torches Mitch Marner after terrible performance in Game 4

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