Former Leaf claps back at Georges Laraque's comments on Ryan Reaves

Graham Montgomery
April 8, 2024  (4:03 PM)

Former Toronto Maple Leafs forward Tie Domi fighting a player on the New Jersey Devils
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The Toronto Maple Leafs played the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday in a contest that the team won 4-2. However, the big story to come out of the game was Georges Laraque criticizing Ryan Reaves. Now Tie Domi has responded.

Laraque and Domi are effectively serving as surrogates for each team's respective fanbase in this episode of internet drama. While Laraque was known for his time on the Oilers, he is a Montreal native and did spend the final years of his career with the Canadiens. Domi, meanwhile played in over 700 games for the Leafs. The drama started when Laraque criticized the Canadiens for not playing Arber Xhekaj, arguing that it gave Ryan Reaves a chance to be effective when he otherwise would not have been.
For those who were wondering the importance of Xhekaj in the lineup, I hope you understand after yesterday's game against Toronto. Go watch the previous match between the 2 teams when Xhekaj played, Reaves was invisible, and yesterday he was driving everyone crazy! While the cat's away the mice will play!!! 😂

Of course, many took this as a jab against Reaves, including Domi. The former Leaf was quick to answer, reposting Laraque's message while adding his own. He claimed that Reaves is playing his best hockey of the season as the team gears up for the more physical playoffs.
@GeorgesLaraque you know you would have done the same thing if someone hit one of your teammates like Pezzetta on Kampf. Reavo is playing great & getting ready for the playoffs he didn't want to fight but he had too George I love ya brotherhood always sticks together💪💪🏽❤️

While it may be true that Reaves has been a lot more noticeable for the Leafs lately, he is still likely the worst player on the team. While his physical presence could be useful in the playoffs, Sheldon Keefe may see it as a bit of a risk to make him a regular player. As such, he may very well serve as the extra forward for much of the playoff run. After all, that is the same role he has played for much of the regular season. We will just have to wait and see how the playoffs turn out for both Reaves and the Leafs as a whole.
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Former Maple Leaf Tie Domi responds to Georges Laraque's comments
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Former Leaf claps back at Georges Laraque's comments on Ryan Reaves

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